Open Forum & Annual General Meeting,  October 22nd, 2018


‘Travels With a Penguin’ is not a talk about penguins. It’s not exactly a talk about travels either – at least it’s not the standard ‘where I went on my holidays’ type of talk.  It’s the story of how I, an ordinary woman in my fifties, walked away from my comfortable life, gave up my job, sold my home, and set off to travel all the way around the world to do some of the things on my ‘wish list’ – all with only a small stuffed penguin for company. I talk about how I came to make this decision, some of the things I did on my travels, and the effect the journey had on me. I finish off by getting my audience to think about their own ‘wish lists’ and how they could turn some of those dreams into reality.”  – Pen Turner

Annual General Meeting Agenda, Draft Minutes AGM 2017 and Chairperson’s Report 2017/18 


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