The Forum’s reminiscence event as part of the Telford 50 celebrations

On Wednesday July 4th 2018 we will be holding a reminiscence event at The Place, Oakengates, inviting you to view an exhibition, chat with local history groups, and with one another about how life and the town has changed in the last 50 years in Telford.


This event will focus on the generation who have grown up (and grown old) with Telford. These are the people who either watched as the town was proposed, developed and grown or who came to Telford as young families with hopes for a new life.

We’ll be reminiscing about social activities, clubs and pastimes you’ve enjoyed over the years and the places you’ve frequented. We also want to try and capture your memories, so have a look through your albums to see if you have any pictures of local landmarks or places you used to go. Perhaps pictures of yourself dressed up ready for a night out or enjoying Super Saturday, or time in the park with your children.

Bring your photos along on the day or maybe you would be willing to let us copy them to use at the event. If you are involved in a local history group and would like to take part or if you have an interest in local history and would like to help us organise the day, please Contact Us.

The day will comprise an exhibition, short talks, videos, music, buffet and quiz.









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