There are many positives about getting older. Wisdom, experience and having the confidence to voice your opinion are just some. However, as we age, many of us find it increasingly difficult to do those things we used to, and we can become frustrated by failing health.

The brisk walk is no longer so brisk, and joints begin to creak and groan! We often have to come to terms with living with a long term health problem such as heart failure, arthritis, poor hearing/sight, and memory loss. This ebbing away at independence can be frightening and soul destroying. The GP and health service are not always accessible and don’t always have the answers to our questions which adds to a sense of frustration!

Having a positive outlook on life and keeping a sense of well-being are important to maximise our quality of life, even in the face of deteriorating health and disability. With this in mind, the Forum is aiming to set up a number of small groups to meet once a month to discuss health issues, and exchange views and ideas on how to cope with difficulties associated with poor health, loss of function and access to health services.

They are primarily self-help and mutual support groups. Those who regularly attend find it useful and enjoyable. We often end up just having a good old chat and laugh over a cuppa, which some say does more good than all the medicine in the world!

We are always pleased to see new members at the established groups, and but the group functions most effectively at between 10-20 people.

We are currently working with Wrekin Housing Trust to set up our next groups. If anyone is interested in attending a group we would like to hear from you.


Bridle Court Community Room, Madeley, TF7 5SG
First Monday every month, 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Contact: or, tel: 07816510376

New members are always welcome.

Would you like to help out with our Living Well Project?



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