Exciting news – we are now ready to start rolling out this service! If you care for somebody who has been diagnosed with dementia and you think that listening to music might help them, then please contact us.

We will to talk to you about providing a play list of music that they used to enjoy listening to, whether it be classical, rock or pop. This will be provided on a small MP3 player with headphones, fully portable so that the music can be listened to whenever and wherever they want.

The equipment is yours to keep for as long as it is needed. We will simply ask you to agree to keep it in good order and return it to the Forum when no longer required.  We will also ask you to complete a simple form a couple of months after you have started using the equipment to let us know if it has made a difference to the person that you are caring for.

To be amongst the first to give this a try please contact Lynne on 07552 975676

It has been proven that music not only soothes and stimulates the mind but also brings back long forgotten memories. Being able to respond to music is something the brain never loses. There is mounting evidence that if people with dementia are offered frequent access to the music in which their past experience and memories are embedded, it can improve their mood and ability to understand and think. It can also help their sense of identity and independence. The Forum is hoping to help dementia sufferers have access to their long time favourite songs and music by setting up ‘Musical Memories.’

This will involve us providing patients with a free MP3 player ready loaded with their own personal list of favourites, therefore we need donations of MP3 players. Now that smartphones are able to hold hundreds of music tracks, some of you or your children or grandchildren may have MP3 players that are no longer used. If you can help with this please bring your device (with its charging cable if possible) along to one of our forum events or send it to us in the post. We would also like to hear from anyone who would be willing to volunteer some time to help format old players and download new tracks.

Drop off point is:

The Space Place, (Box 7), Stafford Park.

Or send by post to:
Senior Citizens Forum
Box 7, Unit D Stafford Park 9,
Telford TF3 3AF
(or help us a bit more by paying the postage!)


Would you be interested in helping with our Musical Memories Project?

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