Dave Wright, Acting Chairperson
October 2020

How many of you remember the last AGM at the Wakes back in September 2019 where the main subject of discussion was “A Map Through A Maze”? Little did we know that all our lives would need a map though the COVID-19 pandemic rules and regulations!

320 people attended our Christmas parties over the 2 days and what a fantastic meal and time we had. Lots of fun with live music, a raffle and meeting up with old friends. Beating that loneliness that some of us feel.

January 2020 saw us at the Wakes with our Forum event with guest speakers from the Citizens Advice Bureau and Age UK. This was a lively discussion event with over 50 or our members attending. 

Unable to hold our normal Forum meetings over the last few months, we have still managed to produce and send out The Forum Magazine to all members but due to the limitations we have not been able to distribute around the Community Centres, Libraries, Doctors/Dentist waiting rooms, Age UK and Meeting Point House.

Thanks to a small grant from the National Lottery, we’ve also managed to send out several extra News Updates keeping our members informed on the current COVID-19 situation. From your feedback we know these have been well received. Thank you.

To help some of our members who may not have family or friends around the Telford area we have set up our Telephone Chat Scheme. We started this towards the end of March in response to the pandemic situation, and hope to continue this service going forward.

We have supported over 70 people to date and the numbers are growing.  We are grateful to the volunteers and trustees who are supporting this scheme, but we will need more help as referrals and requests grow. If you could spare some time phoning lonely people in and around Telford please get in touch with Chris or Wendy.

We continue to offer help with computers by phone as our drop-in sessions are not taking place. Senior Socials at the Wakes is also on hold, but we have restarted our seated exercise class, and are opening two new sessions this month.

We always try to take up opportunities to speak up for older people and enable you to share your views. We are working with the council on the Climate Change Partnership and the local housing strategy. The Environment and Transport Action group work with the council and other agencies to air your concerns, but has been put on hold due to the pandemic.