The Environmental & Transport Action Group comprises of Forum members and meets every two months. It  investigates, researches and resolves issues that are raised by Forum members and by the Forum Management Committee, or indeed any matter thought to be appropriate for its attention. The group corresponds with the council and other organisations that may control or influence environmental and transport issues in our region.

What ETAG does:

  • Gathering information on needs.
  • Gathering information on services and advice available.
  • Identifying problems areas of concern to senior citizens.
  • Passing the above information to other groups and authorities.
  • Combining our efforts with other action groups.
  • Supporting viable district centres for basic living needs to prevent isolation by the inability to travel to town shopping centres.
  • Attending Telford & Wrekin Bus Users’ Group meetings.


The environment is defined as “the surroundings, conditions and circumstances in which a person lives.” The group aims to be kept informed and be involved so that it can raise public awareness of the environment and to encourage positive action to keep it healthy.

Some items of involvement over past years have been: park homes, footpaths, bridleways, road traffic calming, speed humps, mobile phone masts, housing, waste recycling, street lighting, leisure facilities, transport plans and potholes. Our current agenda includes the Southwater Development, air quality throughout Telford, Veolia composting plant at Granville and frequency of waste collection.

The group has also resolved issues for individual members. These include wheelchair access to footpaths, localised street lighting and disposal of dangerous chemicals.

Public Transport

The group is concerned with the provision, quality and efficiency of local bus and rail services, roads, cycle paths and walkways, the bus and railway stations and accessibility issues for older users in the area.

If you would like to inform us or comment about any environment or transport issues, or you would like to be involved in the Environment & Transport Action Group, please use the form below.

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