Impact of lockdown on access to health and care services

Age UK are reaching out to older people to understand how the national lockdown and restrictions put in place over winter have impacted on their health and their access to health and care services. They are asking older people, their friends, and their families to complete the survey HERE.

 The information that people share will be used to highlight to Government and NHS England the challenges people are facing and the support they need.

NHS Blood Taking Services

NHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) want to improve blood taking (phlebotomy) services for all patients and would like to gather the views of local people in the area.

A new patient experience survey has been launched to gather patients’ views on the current blood taking service in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, to find out what is working well and how the service may be improved.

Please click on the following link to access the blood patient survey HERE. You can also call 07870 973241 for assistance in completing the survey or request a paper copy and freepost return envelope from the CCGs.  

End of Life Care

The NHS is seeking answers to two questions relating to your expectations of end of life care services. End of Life, EOL, care in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin relates to someone who is in or approaching the last 12 months of life. You do not need to be in this situation to answer the questions. Complete the questionnaire.

Patient Experience in BAME Communities

As part of Black History Month, the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust have developed a survey to explore patient experience in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities, following national data which shows people who describe themselves as BAME report poorer patient experiences compared to people who describe themselves as White. 

Whilst it is acknowledged BAME is a term that covers a wide range of people with a very diverse range of needs, the survey aims to understand what the barriers to a positive patient experience are and what the Trust can do to best support our BAME patients.

If you are happy and able to do so, can you please complete this short survey. It can be accessed via Survey Monkey. 

Healthwatch Shropshire

Telephone and online appointments – Have your say

As a result of the pandemic many services across health and social care have changed how they are delivered and new ones have been developed. In order to offer services as safely as possible people have been offered appointments over the phone or online by video or using an online form. We want to know your views and experiences of this new way of working. Click here.

Out of hours palliative care survey

We would like to know about the experiences of those who have received ‘out of hours’ palliative care since the beginning of March 2020. Out of hours is during evenings, weekends (from Friday evening to Monday morning), and public holidays. We would like to gain understanding of the needs and experiences of palliative care patients and their carers in order to ensure that out-of-hours care is both effective and efficient. Complete the survey here.

Changing Places

The Changing Places Consortium launched its campaign in 2006 on behalf of the over 1/4 of a million people who cannot use standard accessible toilets. This includes those with profound and multiple learning disabilities, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, as well as older people. Visit the website for more information.

Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals are installing Changing Places at both sites and are asking people who would use the facility, to support the application by completing this survey: