You are never too old to become more active. However everyone, especially seniors, needs to be very careful not to overstrain or overdo any exercise. We would advise that you always consult your GP before embarking on any fitness regime.

Being more active will:-

  • Strengthen your heart
  • Help lower your blood pressure and improve your circulation
  • Help control your weight and lower your blood cholesterol levels
  • Help reduce stress levels

This will help you to:-

  • Feel more energetic and finish the day as fresh as you started it!
  • Keep up with the grandchildren and give them occasional surprises
  • Enjoy deep refreshing sleep every night
  • Walk up the stairs without getting out of breath
  • Gain the passport to ripe old age and give you the vitality to enjoy it

Adopt the activity habit:-

  • Choose an activity that you enjoy and choose a suitable location to take part
  • Make time to be active and do a little every day
  • Encourage a friend to join in with you
  • Avoid eating within 2 hours of exercise
  • Begin gently and progress gradually

If attending a structured fitness class, let the instructor know that you are new to the activity.
If you haven’t done any physical activity for some time, a check with your GP. Remember that consistent commitment to physical activity will encourage long term health benefits.

What to do? There are loads of ways to become more physically active that you can build into your daily routine. Search our directory for Health & Fitness and Sport.

But remember always start gently, short bursts of strong physical activity can be very dangerous to us. If you are out of condition then do nothing more strenuous than walking!