The Forum is run by volunteers, and in fact, cannot exist without them. It welcomes volunteers of all ages, but especially people who are in middle and later life. We are very grateful to our current volunteers who give their time, energy and commitment to help the Forum continue.

Befriending Role

We are currently recruiting volunteers as telephone befrienders to make regular calls to people needing support, under our Telephone Chat Scheme. Please complete the form HERE if you are interested in offering your support.
Telephone Chat Scheme – Role Description

Volunteers are required to assist with the following:

Trustees – this entails a 2 hour meeting every 6 weeks and attendance at some of our events. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall management of the Forum. Trustees, if they wish to, have an opportunity to get further involved in project work, event planning, fundraising and marketing. Anybody interested in this role is invited to attend a committee meeting before deciding to join.

Helping to plan and implement our services – this would involve being part of a working group focused on a particular project.

Computer tutors – this involves offering assistance at our drop in sessions, taking up around an hour or two per week. Tutors don’t need to be experts, do not need to use their own equipment and are re-imbursed for travelling expenses.

Helping at events and regular sessions.

Being a member of our Action Groups.

We welcome any assistance willingly offered and the amount of time or involvement given is entirely up to the individual.

If you would like to discuss the above roles in more detail, call us for a chat on 07932 828333 or 07552 975676.

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